Sparkling Wine White

Vino Frizzante Bianco

VINE: Asprinio – Catalanesca – Sanginella – Agostina – Sant’Antonino – Falanghina Caprettone – Pallagrello


DENSITY: 5000 vines per hectare

AREA OF PRODUCTION: Comune di Benevento

ALTIMETRY AND EXPOSURE: 300 mt a.s.l., with South – South East exposure

SOIL CHARACTERISTICS: Clayey-calcareous marls and sandstones

GRAPE  YIELD: 90 ql/Ha

TYME OF HARVEST: first half of September

VINIFICATION: in white with soft pressing

FERMENTATION: at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks (15 – 19 C°)

REFERMENTATION: in the bottle

ALCHOOL: 12 % Vol.


Sparkling wine, ancestral method. Organic wine naturally produced without the use of chemical additives.
During production, we have used only cold temperatures, in order to better manage the development of
fermentation. It is re-fermented in bottle, on a layer of thin dregs and indigenous yeast; after 2 to 3
months it undergoes a quick disgorging operation in order to make it more easily enjoyable for the
consumer. During all the phases of production, from vinification to bottling, we have never added
sulfites. The scant presence of sulfites is due solely to these substances being naturally produced during

*any possible precipitations or deposits on the bottom of the bottle are to be considered completely natural